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Email already exists under another account


I am trying to edit a leader’s email address in scoutbook but when i update the email field to the correct email address i get an error stating “The email already exists under another account”. Does anyone know how to correct this issue?


Try going to your unit Roster page, click on “Add Leader”, and then use “Search For Existing User” to search based on the e-mail.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the info, i was able to locate the leader via email. However, this now appears to be a different account with a different BSA #. I am guessing this means they have 2 BSA accounts in the system. Do you know how i would confirm which one is correct? Is this something i should speak to my council about?


A key 3 can look at my.scouting.org > Member Manager > and see which BSA # is associated with your unit

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