Update profile says email address already exists under another account

I can’t update an adult/parent’s profile, get “Email: This email address already exists under another account.”, but search for the person by email yields only one record. I am not trying to change the email. How can I have this fixed?

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You or the adult will need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the adult’s name, your unit and council and the e-mail address you are seeing the problem with.


I ended up.having to delete the parent and reenter them as if they were new. First you have to delete the email from the child’s profile. Then delete the connection between the adult and child, then delete the adult and put them back in as if they are new.

Did you do this on your own or with the direction of support? Support has been able to make these kinds of fixes for us without deleting anything. Deleting worries me about losing data.

Matt, I did it on my own, and since it takes 24 hours for things to be solidified in Scoutbook, once I set it back up with the correct info, it repopulated everything associated with his BSA number.

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