Email being used by another user

There’s a notice on my account that says my email address being used by another user. How do get that corrected?

@RaimondoGarcia this is fixed - it was on your scouts account too

Wow, that was fast! Thank you!

There’s a notice on my account that says my email address being used by another user. How do get that corrected?

@HunterMcDonnell it seems the email on your account is your parents email, which is also on their account

can you replace my email

Also, can you update the parent on record to show my mom, She handles all of my scouting.

You can change your email under Profile, and your unit should be able to add your mother or

The most reliable workaround is, if the parents have a account, is for them to log into Scoutbook with their ID and PW, navigate to My Account → My Connections then click the “Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian” near the top of the page. The parent will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth to connect.

If the parent does not have a ID, they should create one then use the process above.

Alternately, you can ask your Council to add a connection between the Scout and parent in Registrar Tools. About 24 hours later, the Scout & Parent will be connected. The parent will still need a ID to access Scoutbook.

I am unable to change my email. It says it must be updated from an authentication provider. Please update this for me. I asked our scout master about making changes and assigning merit badge counselors and they indicated they do not use scout book. Can you please help!

There is a note on my account that says my email is being used by another user. Can you help get that corrected. Is my email in my children’s accounts?

I was finally able to change my email in the internet advancement. When I login, the screens all default to mobile view. How can I change this?

That’s just part of the URL (not sure why). There’s no difference between mobile and desktop.


I am having a similar issue.

I am having a similar issue.
It says another user is using my account.
I can not see see any of my data or the troops my sons are in.
It also says I am in Erie Shores Counsel which I have never been in.
Shawn Johnson

@ShawnJohnson3 WE WILL LOOK AT IT

@ShawnJohnson3 this should be fixed

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