Need help correcting a parent account email

A parent needs some assistance on scoutbook, her email is not right so she can’t log in.

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I see the Yahoo in SB and then a rather different gmail - does the gmail need to be in Scoutbook @MichaelDay2

@DonovanMcNeil Can you help me as well? A parent’s contact email was entered incorrectly into Scoutbook. When I try to edit it, I get the error message that the email already belongs to another account.
parent in question bsa #137309105 user id #11886245
The first letter in her email address needs to be a “s” not an “a.”
Help and thank you!

@KarenCook this is fixed for you

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Would it be possible to replace both the login and email address wi

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@MichaelDay2 I changed the email - but I also think we hit something I am not sure how to fix - work around could be for her to go to and CREATE a new user - it should match her up to BSA # and then allow her to set new username and password

Trying it now. She’s got a new account at my.scouting, and now trying to login to Scoutbook

LTC Michael D. Day

I’ll find out if she had any issues. the email is for sure correct. thank you!!! from our end it was more for communications.

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