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Email Notification on Joining Scoutbook

From time to time we get an email from Scoutbook that says something like:

"We thought you would like to know John Doe just accepted the invitation to connect. He is now linked to his account.

John’s account should already be setup with the correct permissions however we invite you to double check to make sure his connection settings, roles and positions are all correct.

Please visit the Roster page to review and make any necessary changes."

Would like to know what triggers this and to whom it is sent.

The email seems to have a pretty substantial “CC:” list and it includes leaders who are no longer in the troop and other names/emails we don’t recognize. The last one I saw had 14 recipients and of them, 7 were at least associated with the troop, 1 was to an adult leader who left the Troop before our last registration and the other 6 were totally unknown. Any insights would be appreciated.

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