Someone receiving emails not in our Pack

I have recently connected one of our leaders in Scoutbook, but someone with the same name is also now getting Scoutbook emails. Here is the info of the person in our pack, this info is all correct:
(moderator removed PII)

And here is the person not in our pack getting emails from Scoutbook from our Pack:
(moderator removed PII)

Not sure how to fix this as this persons info does not show up in our pack info. Please advise or fix on your end.
Felice Steele


The e-mail address you provided that is not part of you pack does not appear in Scoutbook, Akela or

Is this person getting e-mail when you use send message or from calendar reminders?

@FeliceSteele I would recommend using the “Clean Old Connections” button on the Pack Roster page.

Also, I would check calendar event invitees.

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Yes, they get our emails. I did find that they were actually listed as a leader in our group and deleted their leader roles. BUT they [name removed by Moderator] that I need to give the leader roles to, is in Scoutbook, but will not come up when trying to add him as a leader. BSA#137486350

The BSA Member ID you provided is not a registered leader. Lion Adult Partners are not registered leaders because they are not required to take Youth Protection Training and do not have a background check. You will need to have this individual register before he can be added to the Scoutbook roster.


@FeliceSteele - registered adult leader = application, yot, cbc and registration fee

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Thank you. I will have our Committee Chair look into this further.

How long ago did you end their leader roles? When did they last receive an email?

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