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So, I had a parent a while back try to connect me as a merit badge counselor to their son. It wasn’t working the way they thought, so they added me as a family member! I never accepted the connection, as I didn’t want it to create another account, however, I think it did. Council went in and deleted that request, but I am still getting the “Warning! Another user is using my email”. Can someone look on the backside and delete the account or connection? The scout that the parent was trying to connect me to was “G**** N****.” And while I should be his Merit badge counselor for Weather, I am not his family member. :slight_smile:

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Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!
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You generated another BSA Member ID and Scoutbook account when a 2nd ID was created using your e-mail address. I’ll merge the accounts and let you know when it is ready.


This is fixed. Log in with your ID that is your first initial, last name and 2 digit number.

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