Unknown Email Reply

We are trying to connect a parent and this was what the connection email sent her. No user name or password no link for scoutbook What does this mean

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Short form: it looks like that may be normal for connecting someone who already has a scoutbook account to a scout’s database record. i would need someone from SUAC to confirm, since i don;t have any spare adult accounts to play with.

ETA: Wait, there’s no link to accept the connection? Does the parent account show connected to the youth now, or is it still showing as pending?

ETA2: Has the parent tried logging into her Scoutbook account to check for a pending connection there? I’m wondering if there’s a new process that’s not documented yet.

@CharleyHamilton ETA It does not show connected. Has the inviationa was sent 3 days ago invite again

ETA @ i will find out.

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