Email reminders

Is there a lag in email reminders set for “Send ASAP” when the event is created in IA?

I created an event in Scoutbook this afternoon and got the “asap” reminder within about a minute. I went to IA, copied the event, updated it, re-added the “send asap” reminder, saved the event and still haven’t gotten the reminder about 10 minutes later. I’ve checked my spam folder, refreshed my email browser, even received other emails - just not that one.

Update - still no email. But looking at Scoutbook, it says it was sent at 7:44pm on 2/18/24. It’s only 6:17pm right now. I haven’t done anything to change my timezones since the original timezone SNAFUs when this IA calendar thing started.

Created an send now reminder in Scoutbook and receive the email immediately.

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