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I receive reminders for events from scoutbook but I do not receive emails from my troops administrators

Odd question, but are you sure they are using SB to send regular emails

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I do not know how to start a new post. My son when he started Scoutbook, had the correct email in the account. He still gets current emails from the troop sent to his correct Gmail. However, someone changed his email account to (removed) when it is not. It is (removed) - we cannot get a password reset to get into his accounts on here/access his scout book account. How do we go about fixing this? Thank you.

I’m not sure that actually works, @scouter11. I can’t even see my son’s email in his profile (from my Scoutbook account) once I connected him. He can modify his email address from his Scoutbook account, though.

Yes you are right. I can only see/change the email because I have extra rights as a unit leader.

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