Change email address on my son's account

My son lost access to his email address he used to first log on to scoutbook (school changed providers) and now he can’t receive password reset emails (he also forgot that of course). I can’t find anyway to fix this and the chatbot is not helpful. Is there any way to fix this? It doesn’t appear the troop admins can do anything that we have found as none of us have access to the youth email address for safety reasons (which makes sense).

have Scout go to and create an account - it SHOULD match them up to their account then they have User/Password

Thanks. Will try that when he gets home from school later. I think we tried that but we’ll try this to make sure.

then once Scout is in they can change email address - just use Name and DOB as it appears in Scoutbook

We got it to work now. Thank you so much!

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