Parent unable to change Scout's email address

I had a parent email me tonight to tell me that her son is not receiving emails sent via Scoutbook from a merit badge counselor. She checked his profile and his email address is set to the same email address as his father. She said she is unable to edit his email address or cell phone number. Can somebody assist me with this issue?


I believe that the scout can edit his own email address if he can log into his account.

Story does not add up though - you cannot see even your own scouts email address

@EdwardBruce - once that email address is entered and the scout accepts and logs in then it is no longer visible in the edit profile. Seems like less than factual report.

Well there are cases where registrar enters it (which is what this sounds like) - but I have never seen one first hand on that.

Thanks for the replies. She was looking at Internet Advancement and not Scoutbook. She was able to update Scoutbook.

IA shows the parents email it seems - my sons is in the system - but mine shows for him in IA

And when you click Profile in IA - you ONLY see your own Profile

I used to be able to use my son to test Scoutbook, but he’s 22 now. I need to adopt a kid so I can test these things out. :smile:


What if the scout (my son) can not access his email? I reached out to the local council office - they told me to contact my unit. I AM my unit and I have no clue how to update a scout’s email address. Anyone got any idea?

if the scout can sign into Scoutbook - they go to Administration > My Account > Email - they can change email there

Or do they have an email in Scoutbook that they have lost access to?

Yes, he can no longer access the email, so the reset option here wouldn’t work.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

We have a scout that cannot access his scoutbook account because he doesn’t know his password and he no longer has access to the email to reset it. Can someone help me help his parents?

@AmyCrone if you post the Scouts BSA # we can clear the email so parents can start over with it

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BSA ID is 135605577. Thank you!

@AmyCrone - speedster2055 - is in every database? is that the one to remove from Scoutbook?

Yes, please remove that email.

@AmyCrone OK this is done

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What do the parents need to do now?