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Email Success/Failure Report, for each email

Enhancement Request:

When sending an email, there is some sort of audit system. a place in Scoutbook (or an report sent to the sender and key three).

  • Email Subject
  • Email Text
  • Whom it was sent to
  • Any failures in email address/delivery.
  • A failure/success rate of the email, from a technical level (aka the message didn’t bounce back, system didn’t abandon delivery after 24 hours, etc).

Note this is NOT a request, to add a tracking system to see if the users READ the email (while that would be nice)… would simply like to see a report, so we can track down bad emails… or get an idea on why emails may or may not be delivered.


I’m only interested in exception reporting. Please don’t send me 83 delivery confirmations for every message sent out!!! Only tell me when a message bounced.

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In my request, what I was looking for was a report/summary of success rate.
I too don’t want 150+ success notifications.

I just want to have an idea of how technically successful the email delivery was.
As right now, our manual testing and validation, we are at a less then 25% rate for even delivery of the emails.

To the point, we are now looking at a replacement service… Which would almost negate our usage of Scoutbook in the first place.

I don’t know how you could determine e-mail was successfully received. Is an e-mail that did not bounce but was placed in the user’s spam folder by the e-mail client successful or not? How would Scoutbook be able to determine this happened?

Yes, getting the bounce messages would be nice, however, the way the e-mail system is architected in Scoutbook does not make this an easy thing to do.

If you are using Scoutbook primarily for e-mail, I believe you are missing out on its biggest asset, advancement tracking. Neither my pack nor troop use Scoutbook for calendar or communications as the solutions they had prior to adopting Scoutbook better fit their needs. Both units find the advancement tracking of Scoutbook very useful.

Bounced or rejected would be good to know, so we can go back and ask users to check their email addresses, if they are changed.

And Yes, the Text and Email functions of Scoutbook are the biggest items we use it for.
While the advancement tracking is a good system, we still utilize other systems to give us the info we need on the Advancement.

We have yet to be able to get anyone to use the RSVP system in Scoutbook for calendar to be anything more then a list of events


I think you’re underestimating the value of the built in maintenance of the contact information for SB as a communications hub. That’s much more dynamic than advancement tracking IMO. Otherwise there is double and triple entry just to run standard logistics.

Not sure what you’re using in the backend for sending, but a service like MailGun allows for open tracking of emails.

That could just show in the dashboard, much like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp do to show deliveries, bounces, and open rates of newsletters.

Happy to send some screenshots if it’s helpful.

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