Generate Error For Missing Email

There are times when an email for a parent will be blank or be “” but we get no errors from Scoutbook letting us know there’s a parent that isn’t receiving emails. If emails bounce or are missing it would be great to have an error message or email report letting us know when communication with a parent fails.

I don’t know how difficult that is to implement, or where BSA IT might put it in the implementation queue. I agree some sort of error feedback would be valuable. Ideally, it would go to the Scoutbook unit admins for resolution.

What I’ve done as a work-around is printed a report showing the parent emails, then run a search for the ones. Flagging those, I check the others against a “verified” list roughly quarterly. Usually, that catches all of the glitches, at least for us.

Yeah we did the same, we just didn’t know some were out there and we had some new parents completely in the dark for weeks. I think a bounce report like MailChimp provides would be really useful.

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The Scoutbook browser “Feature Assistant Extension” has this feature. You have to run it, and it does an analysis of your roster. It gives you “things to fix”. Email is one of them.


Ooooh…Never noticed that.

Today I learned we have a browser extension for Scoutbook! I wish they would just open source the code base and let us all contribute. We could have a slick platform.

We all wish that we were allowed to help, but the BSA is very against that.

I am looking at the Extension right now. What is the name of the feature that analyzes the roster? I can’t seem to find it.

Once you install it, go to the menu that is backup / export under a particular unit. At the end of that menu there is an analyze menu.

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You are very much allowed to help. Share what you learn with others. The advice I gave is totally available to all. I have no special rights or access.

Thank you. It appears that the Extension doesn’t automatically load for me and I have to refresh whatever tab I’m using to get the features to appear. Once I did that, the analyze option showed up in the menu.

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I generally run a manual reload on My Dashboard, which loads the extension the first time. From there, the features are generally present on any page I navigate to. Until I log off of Scoutbook, of course.

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