Email to Invitee List

I am not able to send an email to a group and have it show all the email addresses anymore. What is going on here? Making everything be BCC is just not acceptable. Unchecking BCC no longer works.

Known bug. They have reported it and have said it is important. Subscribe to the change log to see when it is fixed. Timing is not shared. All we know is when it is fixed.

Why won’t scoutbook allow us to access scout email addresses?

Scouts email me all the time, but I have no system to keep track of them. This seems to be an overreach that makes our communications difficult. It is a reason to not use scoutbook as other programs (troopwebhost etc) include this.

This was a decision by the BSA but we have never been given more details. You will need to convince your Council to push for any change you would like to see in this area.

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They see this as a YPT item. Same with phone numbers, I believe.

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