Scout no longer receives messages from Scoutbook

One of my Scouts (BSA ID#136451663) is no longer receiving messages sent via Scoutbook. The adults I cc on the message receive the message just fine. May I ask you to look into this?




Her record in the DB appears correct and she has not opted out of e-mail. If you send the Scout a message without using the BCC option, does she appear in the distribution list?

Also, take a look in the Send Message interface to make sure that the scout didn’t accidentally turn off messages. I’ve had a couple of adults and youth click on “Unsubscribe” instead of “RSVP in Scoutbook” since the two links are close together in the event RSVP emails.

Yes; when I turn off “Use BCC”, the scout appears in the distribution list.


Working on that…more to follow.


If the scout appears in the bcc, then their toggle must be set to receive messages. Otherwise, the scout’s email would be omitted.

I’d verify spelling of the email. We’ve had a couple of those type of errors.


Please verify that the e-mail in the distribution list is what the Scout is using. She uses a Google ID to login to Scoutbook and this is the addresses the e-mail is being sent to.

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