Email visibility for committee members

Giving assigned committee members the ability to email leaders, parents and scouts concerning events and fiscal issues. Specifically, our events committee chair and our treasurer are unable to see the entire troop when in “send message”.

They are registered committee members and have been assigned in scoutbook. While making them key 3 delegates would resolve, we are trying to control who has full access.

Is there a way to accommodate their email visibility without granting them “full access” permissions?


Give them View Profile connections to all Scouts. The easiest way to do this is to use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. There is a Permissions By Position feature that can automatically connect all committee members to all Scouts.

The other method is to use Connection Manager on the Roster page and click on each adult where you need to update connections.

Emails for Scouts are not visible to anyone except the Scout - with View Profile - they Committee member could go to Messages - select the Scouts name and parent (though parents are auto included anyway) and send the message from there

they cannot see the parents. the only people they can see are the “leaders” group

In order to see a parent in the send message list, two things must be true:

  1. Adult must be connected to the Scout with at least View Profile
  2. Parent must be connected to the Scout as a Parent/Guardian and have an e-mail in Scoutbook.

Yes it sounds like they are not connected - if you post the users BSA # we can take a look


She is our outdoor/indoor events committee person. when she logs into scoutbook and tries to send a message she cannot see anyone but the leaders list. I have been in connections manager and given her view profile permissions.

@donaldwesterhoff she has not logged in for a week - and that is before you gave her View Profile

she just logged in and says she now has visibility. thank you for your guidance on this!

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