Send Message only populates Parents list for our SB Admins

Are there limitations on whom can see the Parent categories with Send Message? If not is this a bug or is there something else that was missed during our setup?

Our Troop is new to Scoutbook and it appears to us only our Troop Admins can see any Parents to add to the Recipient list.

I believe the user need to have at least a view profile connection with the scouts in order to see their parents on the send messages list.

Thanks for the response.

As far as I can see every Adult position currently has View Profile checked. This person is Committee member and he doesn’t have a connection to any scouts. Certainly understand if an adult doesn’t have connection to a Scout, they shouldn’t have ability to contact them. However in cases where announcements need to be made to just the parents, why does it require a Scout connection?

I believe the idea is that it gives the unit some control over who has access to send such emails, including the ability to restrict that access for a parent who may abuse it.

Point taken but these aren’t just any parents but committee member(s). Appears when comparing permissions for other troop roles it might have the same limitation(Asst. SM non-patrol).

Would be nice if there would be some way to allow messaging either via a role or specific permission setting that is configurable at the the unit level. Current configuration may lead to units enabling many adults as admins when they just need to send a message.

If you just want a committee member or ASM to be able to send messages to parents, then they need to be connected to the Scouts with View Profile permissions or higher. Despite the name (View Profile), it is actually pretty limited.

Every Troop Position has the View Profile Permission column checked.

The committee member and Asst. SM(non-patrol) rows, the only permission checked item is view Profile.

To be honest I was the committee person but was temporarily made a Troop Admin to see if Parent access list changed.

Am guessing not being connected to the Scout is the problem. I understand not being able to contact a scout but inability to connect to parents is what I am struggling to understand.

You have to be connected to the Scout, in order to be connected to the Scout’s parent(s).

Where are you seeing this? View profile is associated with connections, not a position.

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“Permissions by Position” under the Troop Roster. Right most column.

Position|SubGroup|Full Control|Edit Advancement|View Advancement|Edit Profile|View Profile

“Permissions by Position” is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook. What do you see when you go to the Connections Manager?

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Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I have turned that extension off for now and have restarted the browser.

The connection manager has the same 5 permission categories with their colored symbol at top.

However in the table fields its either full control or nothing.

That means the parents don’t have view profile.

You can use the Permission by Position function of the extension to set the permissions. What you saw when you opened it is how your unit will be configured if you run the function. It does not show you how all the adults are connected to the Scouts.