Messages Not Sending-Sept 2023

I am trying to send a message to my Pack from Scoutbook. I tried once yesterday and twice today. It says “message sent” but emails not actually going out to anyone.

Can you try a test email to yourself only?

@KimberlyCarden - I just did a test email and received them on my personal and work email accounts

I was able to send an email without attachments. When I try to attach a pdf, it uploads and says sent but nothing goes out.

@KimberlyCarden - well an email with a pdf attachment worked for me.

How large is the pdf ?

@JenniferOlinger - as a reference my pdf was 7295K and was successful

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Our troop is having the same issue. One of our scouts sent out an email about getting volunteers for his Eagle project this weekend and only received a few responses back. We just found out that about 3/4 of the troop didn’t receive the messages.


If some of your troop received the message but others didn’t the issue is with the recipient’s mail servers. I suggest folks check their spam folders. Scoutbook is not appearing in any of the blacklists so these are not causing any blocks.

One other suggestion is to send the e-mail with Use BCC off so you can see the distribution list and confirm that it is correct.

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I was one of the people that didn’t receive the email. I checked my spam folder and didn’t have the message there either. I checked with the person that sent the message and he said that he did have “use bcc” checked. The odd thing is, it’s not always the same people that receive and don’t receive the messages, it seems random. There was an email I sent yesterday and people that didn’t receive the one regarding the eagle project received the one I sent yesterday.

We had this same issue earlier this year as well.

@JasonHemmer - well random occurrence is not going to help findcan issue if it does exist. I honestly dont believe it does.

Are they selecting the names? Or do the names (that didn’t get it) not even appear on the list?

@Stephen_Hornak well I guess you not believing we’re having an issue doesn’t help find the issue either… I’m just putting out the issue we are seeing and was hoping someone knows of a fix for it.

@jacobfetzer They were selecting “select all”. We’re going to try having him and a other few people send some test messages and see if we have the issue again and if it is just him or if we have it when others send a message too.


Send the message without select Use BCC then check the distribution list on the copy you receive. If everyone you sent the message to is listed, this is not a Scoutbook issue.

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@edavignon We’ll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks!

Do all of the names you expect to see appear on the send messages screen? Do any say no emails beside them?

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