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Enabling Online Transfer Applications

For an online transfer of a youth between units, is there anything that the receiving unit needs to set up to be able to accept transfer applications?

For example, does the unit to which the youth is being transferred need to have “Allow People to Apply Online” turned on at Organization Manager > Unit Pin or is that only related to online applications for new youth received from BeAScout.org?

Unit Pin - Allow People to Apply Online

Yes I believe that has to be on for it to work - I do not trust it yet as we have gotten a number of reports of errors and I have not seen it work.

Is this still an issue? I have a leader that tried accepting transfers and adding a new youth, he approved what he could but they all timed out and switched to a refund. @DonovanMcNeil

My unit has accepted transfers and adult applications without issue. I believe the Apply Online just advertises the online application link on BeAScout but it doesn’t need to be on.

Your leader should be able to look at the Completed Applications report and see it completed there. If it got closed for another reason, it’ll be in the Closed Applications report.

All these functionalities rely on proper registration, if your leader isn’t properly set as a leader, they may not have been able to actually accept the application. I think the only scenario of council involvement in the online application is an adult application where a background question is a Yes but gets accepted.

He is properly registered as the Scoutmaster. I’m not sure why his attempts to approve the transfers and new youth deferred to the “Refunded” list. I checked within my system and the transfers did go through on my end but on his end they show “Refunded”, so he was wondering what else he needs to do so that doesn’t happen.

Are you in the same council? I believe the online transfer process only works in the same council and there should be no payment process to refund with a transfer. That it is getting into a refund state definitely seems like something going wrong.

Yes, I am our registrar in the same council. That’s what I am trying to understand is how a transfer would end up in a refund state.

Beyond my knowledge. I think someone in your council is supposed to have access to put in a ticket with national… that’s “supposed to” since my experience with my own council is many don’t seem to know. I know my registrar has put in tickets through jira.scouting.org and they’ve gotten responses.

I’ve put in a ticket before, not always the fastest response so I came here first. I’ll create a ticket for this and see what’s going on.

I use transfer all the times - but the Scout AKELA Account might have an issue

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