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We have two new scouts from other parts of the country who are transferring into our pack this year. How can we transfer them in scoutbook to our pack/dens?

Please advise and thank you in advance for your help.



When you register them, make sure they register with the same first, middle and last name and DOB that is in Scoutbook. The system will match them up and move them into Scoutbook within 24 hours.

If there is a mismatch, a duplicate account will be created. The SUAC can merge these accounts if this happens.

They CAN transfer their registration online. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

An out of council transfer can only be initiated by the parents. Someone from your unit needs to send them your Pack Invitation Link, which is found in the Invitation Manager of My.Scouting

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Assuming, of course, that your council and unit/chartering org permit online applications. Not all do.

The council can turn off online applications for youth. The unit/CO cannot.

And you are assuming the parents are actually attached to Scout in AKELA

@RobertBrodner - you are incorrect as our units turned off youth online applications and our council turned off adult application

True. And the system doesn’t just barf for no good reason (had that happen once for an out of council transfer).

If that’s true, I’d like to know where that option exists. And don’t say they turned off the “Allow People to Apply Online” button on the Beascsout Pin in the Organization Manager, because that only makes the “Apply Now” button disappear from their pin. It does NOT prevent online applications from coming in for that unit.

That’s rather concerning, as there are chartering organizations which specifically don’t want online applications for either youth or adults, and are under the impression that is exactly what turning off that toggle is intended to do.


It 100% does NOT prevent online applications from coming in. If someone sends the Invitation Link from the Invitation Manager for that unit, a youth can still apply online from that link.

And we found out that turning off adult applications in the Organization Manager in not 100% foolproof either. An adult can initiate an In-Council transfer from inside My.Scouting via the “My Application” option in the pulldown menu in the upper left.

@RobertBrodner - so I did a test of an inquiry to our pack and indeed the app process can be initiated. I can say however that of the very few inquiries via beascout and the total has be 2 since the on-line process started, the app being send has resulted in a zero app being processed. The adult side however is a hard NO by our council and the rest of them in PA as far as I can tell.

If that link or QR code gets out into the wild, you won’t be able to stop youth applications from coming in. We have a troop here that is essentially closed to new scouts. They resently had a youth application pop into the system out of the blue (no contact at all and no inquiry came in from this family). The only thing we can figure is either a friend or well meaning, but uniformed council employee sent them the link to join.

@RobertBrodner - only a few would have access to the invite or QR, and I doubt it would be anyone in our council as that would need them to actually do something…

If the unit-facing portion says something is off, but in fact it is not, that’s a problem that needs fixing. At the very least, it should have tighter controls on it, such that only certain folks with council staff access could “override” it (such as to fix an unforeseen problem created by disabling online applications), and prior links should “expire” when online applications are turned off.

Do you know if that system behavior has been reported through channels as a bug? If so, I’d like to be able to reference the report/ticket number when I push this up the chain at our council. Also, do you know if the system defaults to auto-accepting such applications, or does it still require action on the part of the unit to add the individual to the roster? That’s probably also important system behavior to address in the user story.

If a unit thinks that something is disabled, and in fact it is not, then there are going to be conflicts arising. I think it’s particularly problematic in combination with the new “everybody paying their own dues on differing schedules” approach that nationals has introduced, wherein a unit might not even know that a new scout has “joined” (since online applications appear to be off from their perspective). I could easily see a unit which previously permitted online applications (thus having the link “in the wild”) — but later disabled them (or so they thought) at the direction of a new chartering org — getting incoming applications (similar to the situation you already described), and the parents thinking they have applied, but the unit taking no action since no one would be routinely checking for such applications.

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