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Possible error with online application/transfer

I have a parent that is trying the online application to transfer her Scout (within the same Council) from the old Pack to our Pack. Since they paid for the year, it looks to be no charge, however when she goes through the application process, she reports the following:

"I see the issue. It says I’ve initiated the application and have choices to withdraw, review my application, or pay. I’ve hit pay multiple times and it just flips me back to the page that says I’ve initiated it. I think this is how things ended the other day, as well. I’ve tried on mobile and on a computer.”

Is this a bug with the online application/transfer system? It lets her say this is a transfer and not a new Scout. I’d ask our Council, but I’m probably the most knowledgeable person in our Council for online applications. :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help/suggestions!

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I would recommend contacting your council Registrar. Councils still have support from Member Care.

I can try, however, our Council registrar resists online applications and transfers (and will simply tell me to turn in a paper app), so I know it won’t go far there, hence, I was reaching to the brain trust here (especially if this is a true bug).

We are trying to confirm, but the last I heard was that online transfers were not supported yet.

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Thanks for checking!

The word from BSA IT is that the transfer capability of the online registration is still in development and will not be ready until sometime in 2021.

Thanks for the follow-up. Good to know as there was a webinar a few weeks back that mentioned online apps and transfers, but don’t recall them saying it wasn’t released. We will revert to paper and makes sense it can’t move forward.

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