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Ended AOL's membership before awarding AOL rank

While working on advancing dens and cleaning up membership, I ended an AOL scout’s membership without awarding the AOL rank. What actually happened was the den leader didn’t mark off one requirement and I didn’t realize it in time (requirement was met). As it happens, this scout will not be continuing in Scouts BSA. Still, I would like to award the rank, if possible. How can it be done?

Is the scout still listed in your connections? If so, I would:

  1. remove the end date on the scout’s membership,
  2. mark the requirements and rank approved as of the date it was completed,
  3. create a purchase order (and covert to PDF) including the AoL rank badge and any relevant awards/adventure pins,
  4. then purchase and award the missing items before
  5. re-ending the scout’s membership effective the date that the scout left the pack.

I think that should work. There’s a limited time period under which I think you can do this if the scout is no longer on your unit’s official roster (60 days, maybe?).

No, scout no longer shows up under the pack.

If you know the Scout’s BSA member number, you should be able to use the “Transfer In Scout” button to move the Scout back onto the roster.


Although @JenniferOlinger’s method will work as well, I wanted to draw a distinction between what I was talking about and what your response indicated.

I understood that the scout is no longer in the Scoutbook roster, as indicated by your original post. However, that does not automatically remove your connection to the scout. That is one of the reasons for the Clean Old Connections utility.

If you look under My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections for the scout’s name, you may (or may not) still have a connection to the scout. If you (or another unit admin) do still have the scout listed, you should be able to use a Full Control connection to restore the unit membership, at least on a temporary basis.

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Hi Charley, thanks for the clarification. Turns out I was still “connected” so I did what you suggested and removed the end date. Now he’s showing up in his old den, but he is designated as “unapproved”. I can see his list of requirements but can’t change them. A note on his profile says “edit membership to approve”, but when I look at his membership page there is no button to edit his membership or mark as approved. What should I do next? Thanks!

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Click on the pack membership and there should be an approve position check box. Check that then save.

Under his membership, there is a number of days value, but it is not clickable like other scouts’ memberships. On his profile page there is a note highlighted in yellow “[Name] has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” I noticed there was no longer a button for [Name’s] membership on his profile page. Even stranger, I no longer see the Membership button on any scout’s profile other than my two kids. Earlier today I saw Membership button on all scouts’ pages - that’s how I removed the end date for the scout in question. Did that process somehow remove my ability to edit other scout’s membership dates? I am a Key 3 delegate.

@MichaelK Try logging out of Scoutbook, then log back in.

Then go to the Scout’s Membership page, click on his current membership with his den, check the box next to “position approved”, then click “Update”.

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Thanks Jennifer. After logging our and logging in I was able to edit and approve the scout’s membership. I added the missing requirements and made sure he got his rank. Thanks to you and Stephen for your help!


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