Transferring AOL Scouts to Troops

I have heard that National is having problems that will prevent AOL Scouts transfer to a Troop. I have been told that if an AOL transfers that it could prevent the AOL rank from showing completed. Is anyone else aware of this? We did have one Troop try to transfer a Scout last night, but it gave them an error and wouldn’t let the transfer go through.

If a scout hasn’t had all of their advancement marked complete/approved/awarded before they are transferred, it will remain in that state as the troop is not authorized to enter Cub Scout advancement. Just make sure you get that stuff entered promptly, and coordinate with the troop on when you are ready for the transfer.

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I would recommend checking each AOL in your Pack from the Scoutbook website on a desktop/laptop in order to have more clarity on what has been completed, approved, and awarded. I also suggest that you print a Cub Scout History Report to review with the parents of the Scout and leave with them so they have a record.

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All of the Scouts have completed all of the requirements for AOL. We have run the reports, gotten them all the badges, pins, arrows. I have been told that this is a National problem that needs to be fixed with the new system. Has anyone else ran into this same problem?

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

We just went through this this past weekend. After @DonovanMcNeil’s help, and the instructions he provided, all is good with our transfers.

I did go through on a PC to make 100% sure all of the scouts we moved had ALL of their awards and ranks (including AOL) completed, approved, and awarded in the system - all had gold checks.

All are showing as expected on Scoutbook now that they are in the Troop with their AOL ranks and the couple other awards that also carry over.

Without more details, I don’t believe any such issue exists other than the workflow that was designed.

from Pack 3043 Waukazoo PTA to Troop 0043 Beechwood Reformed Church. We are experiencing the following error.

Transfer/Multiple Transaction failed. Registration record 160851646 for memberID 12626046 not found.

Youth BSA ID is 12626046.

Michael Spliedt
Pack 3043 CubMaster

First @MichaelSpliedt do not post Personal Info on the forums - especially of a youth - we will take a look

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@MichaelSpliedt are you doing this in or Scoutbook?

I went to update but see this was already edited. is what we are trying to use

The Scout is registered in the troop

and is already placed in a patrol in the troop in Scoutbook

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Thanks Donovan! Have a wonderful day.

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