Ended scout's membership

I put an end date to a scout’s membership and now the connected parent is gone too. Two questions: If i needed to access that scout’s info in the future, can I? Will the scout and parent NOT receive emails/messages from Scoutbook from now on?

That is working as expected (other than if the parent is a registered leader).

A key 3 or key 3 delegate can view the history report from my dashboard with their last name and member number.

They should not.

A key caveat on the email issue is that events to which they were already invited, I believe they will still be invited to. Thus, email reminders for those will still go out. Someone with calendar access can avoid this by resetting the invitees lists to exclude the former scout and their parent(s).

I thought that was fixed recently, but it’s been fixed before and then re-appeared

I’ll check again. It might have stuck this time.

I believe it was updated when we had all the spam filter issues. I believe it catches it as it’s about to send instead of trying to remove them from the invite list.

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