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Date Ended / Restoring Scout and Adult

Recently, I was trying to update the roster for different leader positions and scouts that recently aged out. For the leadership position of the adult and/or underlying scout, I entered the “Date Ended”. I did not realize that the person/scout and parent would completely disappear from the system. How do I restore the information? Does the information go somewhere pending? Did I just stupidly delete the parent/scout? It would be nice to have them in a different area where they could be referenced when needed versus total annihilation. Thanks for the help!!

Adding a date ended doesn’t delete the account, it just removes it from your unit, since there’s no longer a membership in the unit. As I understand it, the position that the BSA has taken is that once a scout or adult leaves the unit, the unit isn’t intended to have access to their information, so ending the membership drops them from the unit.

Thanks Charley. That makes sense.

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If the adult was registered in the unit during the current charter year, you can add a Unit Scouter Reserve position to the person. This will allow them to still show on your Scoutbook roster when you end their other registered position. At the end of the charter year, you can end their USR position and they will disappear from your leader roster.

You can un-approve their leadership position; I don’t know if this disables standard Scoutbook emails and adding them as an event attendee. It may affect their permissions, if any.

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