Parent Deceased

I have a scout that a parent died over a year ago. How do we go about getting the account removed? The other parent has asked us to take care of this.

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That is so hard. Wow. Makes all of the other issues and bugs pale in comparison. I think your council registrar needs to do this. I’m so sorry this must be done and will take an extra step.

Yes, this is something the registrar can handle via their VST tools.

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Emailed my council registrar and Wednesday received an email saying that, “Everything has been fixed.” The parent is still showing in ScoutBook so I emailed a day later. Hoping the account would disappear after the 24 hours. The reply was, “She should drop off but if she doesn’t you can delete her.” I asked her for directions since I cannot find them. She sent me the link for ScoutBook Help. I cannot figure out a way to delete this account. Please help.

Was the parent also a leader in the unit? If so, you will have to end their position in Scoutbook.

no sir, she was not a leader.

If the registrar breaks the connection properly, it will happen immediately

Post the BSA Member ID (MID) of the parent or Scout. If you post the Scout’s MID include the parent’s first name. We can see if the connection was deleted properly.

ScoutBook shows that the parent is still connected.

BSA MID 13127991

The registrar needs to use Volunteer Support Tools (VST) and use Find in Scoutbook to search for this MID. In the User Connections section of the result thee will be a DELETE button in the row showing the Scout’s name and Parent/Guardian for the connection type. Clicking this button will break the connection.

Thank you. I will send another email.

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