Trouble entering Cub advancements from 2023-34 program in Scoutbook Plus

Using Scoutbook Plus and trying to wrap up advancements from the Scouting year that just ended. I can see the Lion 2018 option, but i get an error and cannot enter the final requirements for Scout to earn rank.


@emilygrun - what happens if you toggle the versions to 2024 then back to the prior ?

@emilygrun just give the rank a date and approve - you might get an error but if you go back to rank it should be entered

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i continue to get an error when trying to use the 2018 Lion version

I did get an error, and I do not see the rank approved after refreshing my browser. The error i get is Whoops! Looks like we encountered an issue temporarily. Please try again later.

This is the same error I got last night while attempting to update this Scout.

I went to an adventure then back to rank and it was approved

it is not even showing me adventures for Lion rank not for the 2024 program or for the 2018 program

You could also just approve new version for lions - as it is just the rank that is recorded not the version of rank

@emilygrun if you are looking for Elective adventures you have to click the link on the page

neither of my versions has any adventures in it.
I checked a few ranks, and none of them have any adventures.
if i try to toggle to the prior program i get an error.

@emilygrun well if you have a moment I can set up a screenshare to take a look

@emilygrun - do you not see this when you click on view more to the right of say Lion:

i do not. This is what I see:

@emilygrun had you happened to have entered 2 electives in?

i have not been able to enter anything in ScoutBook Plus. During the year 2023-24 he completed Lion’s Honor, Animal Kingdom, and King of the Jungle. plus some electives. These were all in Scoutbook prior to June 1. I have not been able to enter the last two electives he completed, Fun on the Run and Mountain Lion. Appreciate the help here!

@emilygrun if you can do a screenshare I might be able to get more data for the devs for a faster fix

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i will have to do that later today from my home computer. appreciate the help!!

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I am having the same issue, scoutbook plus won’t let me add the last adventures. I clicked on 2022 version and it pops this back up on the 2024 version screen. Nothing is available to add. I attached the scoutbook screenshot where previous adventures are visible from past award ceremonies this year, but I can’t put in the last few.

the hack for now is change the URL scout number -
add “/adventures” to the end - this gives you access to ALL Adventures

success! thank you. any insight into how long we will have to employ this hack?