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Entering Advancement for a Scout with extension but has aged out of Roster

I have a scout in the girls troop who was given an extension when she joined February 2019, she has since reached the age of 19 and when recharter happened changed from a Scout to a Troop Participant. My question is how do I go about adding her merit badges and rank advancements since she is no longer showing on my troop roster? She is about to earn her Life rank and has completed almost all the merit badges she will need for Eagle. Do I just write in her information on the report that I turn into Council? Both the scout and her parents are concerned this will cause issues with getting her Eagle paperwork approved when the time comes.

I am checking on this for the correct answer - as I cannot recall it

have a key 3 go to my.scouting.org > Member Manager > Is the scout listed under youth?

I will have to email one of them and ask. Do you need this information before we can get the next steps?

well if she is not listed or shown as a youth she might be registered wrong, I see and can award 20 yr olds stuff in IA.