Entering Advancement for Scouts Aged Out

I’m trying to upload an advancement report (our Troop uses a third-party system) to IA. The upload includes Eagle Rank and Bronze Palm achievements for a scout that has aged out. When uploading, it gives me an error and says invalid Scout ID number. A report from IA is needed to purchase his Bronze Palm from our scout store. How do I upload his advancement?

Is the Scout still listed in my.scouting.org - if not council will have to enter the awards

You wouldn’t be able to enter the Eagle Scout rank, because council has to enter that one.

I just checked. He is not listed any more in my.scouting.org. How do I request Council to add it? When I contact them, is there a particular person (title) I need to talk to? (Sorry new to Advancement Chair).

You would want registrar or whoever handles Advancement

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Thanks! Both these responses helped!

@RachelGovelovich - I would also provide them with the BSA ID of that scout as well.

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