Scout with Extension of Time

I have a Scout who is 18 and working under an Extension of Time but I am no longer able to add to him in Scoutbook and in fact he isn’t showing up as a Scout in our Troop Roster. The only way I can see him is to go into the Patrol he is in, but even then I can’t add to his advancement.

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Since the Scout has an extension, did you recharter him for 2020? Scouts with extensions still need to be registered.

Does the Scout appear on your roster in member manager at If not, you need to contact your council registrar. If he does, send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA Member ID, your unit and council. Please post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies here.

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SSD-99063 is what came in the automated email.

Is Scout registered as
“UP” - Unit participant, or
“M” - Member ?

According to someone who can see it on my.scouting he is listed as UP, but it shouldn’t make any difference because he has been granted an extension beyond 18.

I think I found a workaround. When I looked at his membership it showed that he wasn’t a member of our Troop so I went in and added him as a Troop member as of 1/1/2020 which is when the new recharter became valid and now I can edit his stuff. We’ll see if it holds but as of right now it allows me to edit his stuff.