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Entering in Campouts

So, I entered in our virtual campout from last month to test the system, and found these issues. 1) Not being able to add multiple scouts/leaders/adults at the same time. Having to click the “Add Person” button each time is tedious.
2) We had an overnight campout from 6pm one night to 9 am the next night. It would only allow me to enter the “Day” and not put anything into “Night”, even when I changed it to an all day event.
I have watched the video on how to enter things in, but honestly the screaming fast speed she shows how to do it is not helpful. Thanks for any help

@JonathanThompson1 can you try to commit the change as ALL DAY EVENT?

(On the activity, click the edit pencil, then select the ALL DAY EVENT checkbox. Then click EDIT AND FINISH to save the change)
Once saved, click the edit pencil to go back into the activity to verify the days/ nights counted.

@JenniferOlinger, @MichaelaMonson - I believe that Jonathan is observing the same issue that I reported regarding incorrect counting of nights camped.

I am really hoping they fix this. Also we need to allow Assistant Scout Master Access not just key 3 and Advancement Chair. It is our ASM that logs most our camping nights and service logs.

Expanding access is already on the to-do list, based on posts in other threads.


HI, @JonathanThompson1,

It’s probably very old news, but just in case…

Since the video is hosted on youtube, you can take advantage of the native youtube playback controls to slow down (or speed up, if you thought it was too slow for some reason) the playback. Click on the gear wheel, and then on playback speed, and you can set the speed to slower or faster rates. My screenshot below is from a separate window in youtube, but I’m too blind to follow the video at the size shown at help.scoutbook.com. :^)

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I’m really confused about this change, can you clarify why parents can’t add these for approval? We’re doing virtual campouts with other councils/packs during this time since our pack isn’t active during the quarantine. I know a few other families that are as well. And a lot of our Scout families are hiking. How are we supposed to get credit for the scouts? I’m an assistant leader and I don’t even have access for my den.

“Why” is a BSA question I can’t really help with. :^)

I understand that parents and scouts (who have their own Scoutbook login) can add activities via the Scouting app. I also understand that there is a long-term plan to expand access to the IA2 log interface, but the exact details on who will get access when is still unclear to me.

There are some details from “official sources” at the two links in the yellow notice box that pops up at scoutbook.com when you login.