Scoutmaster Unable to record Camping nights

I have a scoutmaster who states that in the past he could log camping nights via the quick entry
but now that is gone and he cannot long in camping nights for his scouts it tells him he has an error and to call council. Anyone else having this issue? What are we doing wrong? thanks in advance.

This is done in the activities section of Internet advancement now. They need to add a camping activity and fill out the form there.

So you think it is because he has not created the event first? We will try that thanks

I successfully created the activity, but after I add people and click “edit and finish”, I get an error message and I can’t continue.

By the way, I’ve noticed in the past that sometimes an error message appears but when I go back and check, the camping nights are recorded anyway. However, this time, all I get is an error message and the camping nights don’t get recorded.


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