Entering in Swim Test completion/Swim Lessons vs. Adventure Requirements for Cub Scouts in IA

Good Morning Scoutbook+/IA Team,

I wanted to inquire if there was any way or any plans on the backlog to include the ability to enter alternate completion methods for Cub Scouts working on their Swimming adventures.

In the new program, many of the Cub Ranks have the ability to complete their Swimming adventure by either taking Swim Lessons or passing the BSA Beginner or Swimmer test, however as we are planning on administering them as a unit to prepare for summer camps, we don’t see a way to enter this method of completion for the adventure. While we could artificially mark off that the Scout completed the requirements for the adventure just to get it completed and earned, we would prefer not to do that as it doesn’t feel right putting in something a scout didn’t actually do because there is no way to correctly record completion of the adventure.

Thanks for any thoughts on how to get this issue resolved/updated!

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Raymond
Cubmaster, Pack 706
Heart of Virginia Council

No you just enter the total completion date for the adventure

Thanks for your quick reply - I don’t have the option to enter an overall completion date when I am in the individual scout’s profile, it only gives me the Adventure Requirements. When I go into both Quick Entry or Bulk Entry, I have the completion date option there, but when I put in a date, the “Save” button is grayed out for me and won’t let me submit.

@Michael-Raymond yes you can - the Scout has to be in the correct Den level - see the left side and the date field with Approved and Awarded checkboxes

If in wrong den level it looks like this with the Blue text where the date should be-

@DonovanMcNeil, yes, I have that capability for the individual requirements, however as you stated above, if a Scout does not do the requirements and either passes the swim test or takes swim lessons, if I try to put in the date and mark the adventure approved at the adventure level, it doesn’t let me.

If the answer is that there is no way to officially mark these adventures completed via that method and instead we should just mark the specific requirements as completed even if the scout didn’t earn the adventure that way, I get it, it just seems like some missing functionality of the new Cub Scout program explicitly gives us those options.


@Michael-Raymond happy to set up a screenshare to take a look and show you the solution

I’d suggest a screenshare as Donovan offered. If you aren’t available for that, please provide the member number of one of the scouts in question in addition to a screenshot or two (without exposing any names).