Entering leadership role in international unit

The leadership roles pull up first by council and troop number. Tried choosing Direct Service but that didn’t work as the units aren’t listed there.

How can I add youth or adult leadership roles in international (WSJ) units?

Jamboree positions are not in SB as they are not Registered or PORs for the youth.

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There’s no way to document their leadership, responsibilities, or attendance in their scouting record?

I guess you could put a troop unapproved position in their records with notes.

One could certainly record attendance in the Camping logs, since it was camping under the auspices of the BSA.


@Wheelie - that would not count for leadership for the youth that I am aware of.

I’m not trying to count toward rank, just document the scouting journey.

That’s a great idea. Thanks!

I just went in to do that and as soon as I choose a patrol-level position, it forces the button from N/A to the current troop patrol. Is there a way to override that?

No. I’ve run into that before when trying to add past positions for scouts who changed patrols.

I would just flag it in the position notes. There’s only so much flexibility in the system, unfortunately.

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