Leadership Positions in IA not synching to SB

Only a few of my scouts leadership position tenure is showing in IA. All scouts leadership positions are correct in SB. Any idea why only “newer” scouts seem to show leadership positions in IA (and therefore in scouting app?) Thanks for the consideration.

All my scouts stuff is in both - @MatthewPhillips are the positions approved in Scoutbook?

it would appear so. Anyone over the rank of first class is not showing for some odd reason.

Here is an Eagle

I am stumped. Looking closer it seems to be anyone who joined the unit prior to mid 2020.

You can post BSA #s and I can see

BSA member number 133208263

BSA # 137236264 is showing but it looks like it hasn’t been updating.

BSA # 133208263 is not showing at all and he is a current patrol leader