Entire Den Disappeared From SB and IA

The Bear Den in our Pack has just had all 4 cubs disappear. The Den is still there, just no members. Same in Internet Advancement as in Scoutbook. In addition, all of our Archived Cubs that we had put into a “Den” have also disappeared…but I’m not so worried about that. I just need to track down where my current cubs have gone. Thank you in advance.

Did you or a pack admin check to make sure they didn’t simply get dropped from the den and dumped on the general pack roster in Scoutbook? That would make them “invisible” for advancement purposes, since cubs must be in a den of the appropriate level to have advancement edited.

If you’re one of the unit key 3 (CM, CC, COR), then you can also check the official roster at https://my.scouting.org under the pack number in the left-side drop down menu. That’s my go-to for missing scouts in the spring, since that can help rule out an error in rechartering (e.g. scouts unintentionally omitted from recharter). If they appear on the official roster there, then someone from SUAC may be able to force a synch to re-add them to the pack roster.

Thanks Charley,

Well, they are on the official roster at my.scouting.org so I guess that’s one positive. What will be needed to force a synch to try and get them back on the other systems?

I’d also take a look to see if they’re already on the pack roster in Scoutbook, just not in a den. If so, as a Key 3 or unit admin, you can add them to the correct den which should resolve the issue.

If not, you can post your BSA ID or one of the missing scouts’ ID (no names needed), and the folks from SUAC should be able to force a synch.

Nope, not in Scoutbook on the general roster, just in my.scouting.org.



I’m Looking into this

I requested a sync for these. Was your pack’s recharter already processed? If so, they may not come back. Please check again in the morning. If they don’t come back, call your local council and make sure they were on the recharter paperwork.

It looks like your pack’s Recharter status is “on hold”.

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