Cub Scout disappeared from den

I have a Cub Scout that has disappeared from our den and pack roster. Our COR reports being able to see him still listed on our pack roster on As an admin, I cannot see him on scoutbook at all. I believe he was transferred to a local troop by mistake when his older brother crossed over. The Cub Scout’s BSA # is 136553745. Can someone please look him up and give me an idea of how to handle this? Thanks!

not sure what happened @KirstenHolthusen-Lud - should be back out of Den after 4pm CST

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was somehow registered in a Troop 140 - but it was for like one day or something

Thanks you! Will check back later this evening.

Unfortunately, this cub scout has not yet reappeared on my roster or in his wolf den. Any other ideas?

@KirstenHolthusen-Lud He should be back on the Pack Roster page now.

When you move him back into his den, please use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the den page.

Hmmm… neither myself, the Cubmaster, or the COR can see him on the roster page in scoutbook. COR reports being able to see him listed on my.scouting,org roster. What am I doing wrong?

he came back into SB but system kicked Scout out again - we have asked for someone to investigate

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@KirstenHolthusen-Lud check the Pack (out of Den) - we will see if it holds

He’s back!! Thank you all so much!

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