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Cub Scout assigned to den, but doesn't show up in the den and disappears from Scoutbook

Hi Scoutbook Forum - I have a Cub Scout who was part of the Pack last year, and when I assigned him to a new den, he doesn’t show up in the den and disappears from Scoutbook. We just went through recharter and he showed up again in the “Scouts to be Assigned,” so I assigned him to a den again, but he doesn’t show up the den and has disappeared from Scoutbook again. Can anyone help? Thanks! HB

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Check under my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections. Do you see the scout? If so, click their name and go to their membership. Is there anything under current membership? What about past memberships.

Hi Jacob - Following your instructions, I see his name under my connections, but unlike the others where I have “full control” access to all the other scouts, there is nothing listed. When I click on his name, it take me back to my dashboard page. Do you know if I need to do any sort of import/connection to his record? Thanks for the help! HB

Is he presently in the scouts not assigned section, and are you a unit admin?

I am the unit admin. He was in the scouts not assigned section, until I added him to a den. However, he he no longer appears in the scouts not assigned section nor the den I assigned him to.

Go to your roster page, click your name. Then, click your unit admin position. Make sure position approved is checked, and click update. Does that add a full control connection?

No, all my positions, including admin, were already checked green and approved. I re-verified and he doesn’t show up as unassigned nor in the den.

Did you do exactly as I said? Even if everything looks right, clicking update again can sometimes reset your connections.

Heather, does re-verify mean you clicked update? Sometimes, something in the background breaks an admin’s full control connection and clicking update fixes it.

Another option would be for the scout’s parent/guardian to edit your connection to full control. Then you should be able to edit the elusive membership.

Yes, I verified position approved was checked and clicked update. It didn’t appear to change anything - he didn’t show up as unassigned nor in the den. I went back and also tried unchecking and rechecking the approved position and hitting update, and now the scout has now disappeared from the roster entirely.

I’m confused. You previously said he wasn’t in a den or unassigned, but now your actions made him disappear from your roster all together? Where did you see him on your roster?

When you said before to go to my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections, he was showed up, but I had no connection to him whatsoever (but “full control” access to all the other scouts). After unchecking/checking/clicking update, he no longer shows up under my connections.

@HeatherBrien I have sent you a private message for more information. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right of the forums (yours is a blue “H”).

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