Entire Pack missing from Scoutbook

My entire pack has disappeared from Scoutbook. It doesn’t even show up when I log in. I can see the pack and a small portion of the scouts in internet advancement. Are all of their records lost? Is there a known issue?


There is a known issue with recent recharters where the start date is 4/1/24 but the expiry date is 3/31/24. I suggest contacting your Council so they can put pressure on the BSA to get this fixed quickly.

No data was lost, it will all come back once the dates are fixed in the database.

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I have contacted my Council. I have no reply and no resolution yet. Who else can support my pack?

There is no one else who can push for a resolution of the issue besides the council professionals, since there is no longer any volunteer-facing support staff at national. You could contact your district executive to follow up with the council, bring the issue up at roundtable to see if other units can also push council to push national, … Unfortunately nobody on these groups can directly do anything about the issue.

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It looks like your pack is back in Scoutbook this monring. It was affected by an issue that caused units that renewed in April to get a 3/31/24 expiration date. It appears as if this issue has been fixed for your pack as both you and the Scouts I checked have expiration dates after 3/31/24.


Unfortunately, it is not. I am on the committee of the Pack where Shaun is Cubmaster. The Pack is missing upwards of 30-40 Scouts.

The same is happening at the corresponding Troop (I am Scoutmaster). We lost connection on all but 3 Scouts - the three who joined after 8/1 and therefore have anniversary dates different with the new recharter system.

In our Troop, we can login in to my.scouting, go to Organization Manage and then roster - all of ours who rechartered have the “R” icon and status is complete, but still have the 3/31/2024 expiration date. I have two Scouts who are wrapping up their Eagle and cannot access records on Scoutbook.

For the scouts who need their records, you can go to my dashboard > reports menu > scouts bsa history report to run it for anyone with their bsa member number.

Tried that. Doesn’t work. Kicks you over to reportspd.scouting.org/

When I click the pencil icon to select on whom I am running the report - it only allows me to select Scouts from my roster who are all missing because the glitch after renewal where the expiration date didn’t update.

This is getting very frustrating - we have advancement we cannot record, in ability to communicate via the Scoutbook email and text options - and frankly not getting any answers as to WHEN this might get resolved.

This was so far from being ready to roll out in a BETA test stage and the lack of communication to those of us who put in hours and hours a week as a volunteer about when it might get fixed is disappointing to say the least!

@MatthewHall6 have you asked Council to put in a Membercare ticket - we have seen that resolve the issue pretty quickly

We have. I even sent this link I stumbled across on these forums to the POC at our Council office and have been told “National is working on it.” But this has existed at Shaun’s (original poster) Pack for nearly a month. My troop, which meets at the same CO as Shaun, started having the issues on last Monday.

@MatthewHall6 for those close to eagle if you cannot get history or app - I might be able to setup a screenshare to show you or to see it - if that is the immediate issue

I’ve emailed that Scout and his dad to see how good are their records in case this has to be fully on paper. He has completed his project, is wrapping up his final merit badge and typing up his report. His 18th B-Day is May 20th.

That is my immediate concern right now

The data is there - lets take 5 minutes and ease your concerns - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil for walking me through that and what I need to help our Scout move forward towards Eagle as well as what I need to send to our Council to get our units sorted out

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