Lost My Connection to my Pack and MBC Permissions

I lost all my connections in Scoutbook again. This seems to happen every year around rechartering and during registration times.

I’m in the Frontier District of Hawk Mountain Council in Pennsylvania. I’m the Cubmaster of Pack 597 and a Merit Badge Counselor for Frontier District.

Can someone please correct my permissions again…

Thank you/

Please post your BSA ID number (no names).


Thank you for the quick reply

I requested a sync. Check again tomorrow. Did you re-charter? I see your pack position expired 3/31/2023. You might want to contact your council.

We did recharter already. I’m still connected on my.scouting.org, but not on Scoutbook.

Contact your council’s registrar if this doesn’t clear up tomorrow, your expiration date for the member ID you gave me, in my.scouting, shows 3/31/21

Your pack’s recharter status is “on hold”

I wish it would be easier for scouters to be able to tell if their charter has been fully processed, or not. A unit could have filled their recharter say on Nov 5th, but still be not fully “posted” as your unit is. :frowning: A person would say “well, we rechartered 5 months back”, but in actuality your whole unit is in an odd limbo.

Thank you both for the replies. I will check with our council on the status of our charter before proceeding. Thanks again!

You can do a “quick check” by looking at whether or not your unit-level positions show as expired in your profile at https://my.scouting.org. If you are a Unit Key 3 (CM/SM,CC,COR), you can also look at the official charter certificate which can be downloaded from the Organization Manager at my.scouting.

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