Entire pack roster disappeared

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2) Operating system android 11
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*5) 12756103 Buckskin council
Thank you!)

My entire pack roster

and, my children’s scout progress are missing.

We show adults who haven’t been associated for some time,and are missing den leaders that are with us.

I try to pull up my older daughter’s cub scout history and it displays my younger daughter. Problem verified by a missing den leader on a desktop, with no pack affiliation anymore.

@DIANNACASTLE the units charter expired and the 60 grace period just expired - Key 3 needs to get the recharter turned into council or speak to council

It’s been in, we are reaching out to council, thanks for that part. Why would I not be able to access my older daughter’s cub scout report? My younger daughter pulls up for both.

All the data is still there

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