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My Troop Roster disappeared

Please help!

I logged in a month ago to Internet Advancement 2.0 and discovered that about 2 months of advancement data is gone. I contacted my District Office and was told that I will have to re-enter all of the lost data. Today I logged into Internet Advancement and my Troop Roster is blank. I can see my last two reports but cannot access them as I need a new SSO.

How do I get my Troop Roster back? I have a scout who turns 18 this week but cannot add in his last blue card because I can’t access the roster.

Laurie Unthank

you will have to send an email to to sort it out

thank you! I will do that. - I gave wrong email

And your best bet is to go to Council to sort it out the advancement - Membercare might take some time @LaurieSchultz-Unthan