Pack Disappeared

Pack/Troop committee chair with full access to all. Pack has completely been deleted from Scoutbook on mine but some in Pack can see but can’t do anything. Troops have Scouts/Leaders missing. Can’t update/edit calendars that have Pack included that pertains to all 3. Started over the weekend and still messed up. Have tried Shift/refresh and central/refresh without success

@JudyPaloalto talk to your council - your recharter went through but it looks like they made Expire date 3/31/24 - not 25 - for both the Pack and G Troop

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 3.51.18 PM

Troop 699B had several boys not in a patrol but no option to add them to a patrol

When you go to their membership, there is no option to reassign patrol? Are you a unit admin?

At the bottom of the patrol page, any TROOP ADMIN should see a button that says reassign scouts.

Some how in these changes it’s been removed but I’m committee chair and did have assess. So frustrating. I cant open my profile

I didn’t read up on the thread. Because of your issues with your membership, you won’t have that option in scoutbook. The membership issues need to be solved first.

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I got another leader that could get in to remove the end date and that fixed it

With your membership expiring, though, that is only temporary.

I have sent to council so hopefully they will get everything fixed

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