Yellow triangle mystery continues

Hi I have at least 1 entire unit that every single person has a yellow triangle. Charter was posted Jan 31, 2022. Was a December 31, 2021 charter. I checked ALL MID from my.scouting/Akela against SB. All match. Now what? Please don’t ask me to check the 200+ units that we have rechartered. I will cry. 8(


Are you seeing this or was it a report from a member? We have seen cases where going to an Incognito or Private window causes the :warning: to go away. If this is the case, I suspect a cache issue in the member’s browser.

Hi Ed, I actually saw it. I am a unit admin, as well as a registrar. I was solving a problem for them, and noticed it. I did the clear the cache, reboot, made sure I had current chrome. Checked again and still there. tried again 24 hrs later, and at home, and it is gone. weirdness. thanks

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