Error adding adult leader to recharter -- possible membership expiration

I am attempting to add an adult leader that was previously registered with Pack 74 to the recharter for Troop 74. When I went through the ‘Add New Member’, ‘Existing Member’ process I got an error message stating that I needed to upload a completed and signed adult application, background check, and proof of YPT completion. Does that indicate that her membership has expired? If so, is a new paper application required, or can the existing information be used?

BSA Member Id 134308519


@PatrickConroy - not sure but anyone joining a different unit needs to present those things even if they had been registered in a different unit.


This individual was never a registered leader. Since YPT is current, a new leader application will be needed.

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@PatrickConroy I think I found her previously registered as an adult leader under BSA member ID number 136044002, but that registration expired / lapsed 12/31/2022.

Her BSA numbers might have gotten switched at the last Recharter, because her parent / child “Relationships” are under the wrong number. Your local council can update the Relationships using their Registrar Tools.

Thanks for the assistance. I had her fill out a new leader adult application, and will take it to council so we can also address the multiple BSA numbers.