How to add adult existing member

I need to add our new Committee Chairman, but after entering all required information, i get an error message and am unable to add existing member.

Error message reads: Notice: Be sure to upload completed and sign adult application (including SSN, CBC, and current YPT certificate before submitting unit recharter.

This error message apparently won’t let me add existing member. This person has member ID and updated YPT done 2 months ago.

Appreciate any help.

What is the BSA member number? (No names, please)

  1. thank you for responding.

I have 2 adult leaders who have done their YPT and have BSA ID. Can you also help me add them in?

Member ID:

Also, while you’re at it I also have a scout who is on my roster but not in Scoutbook. Can you help there?
Initials: BO
Member ID: 14261316

I’m in Pack 610 in the Cascade Pacific Council.

Thanks so much!


@ShawnTay looks like you deleted that scout - I set a re-sync - look in 24 hours - then go to the Den and click reassign - choose scout - all should be good

@ChristopherKenny A BSA member number usually has 8 or 9 digits

Thanks so much Donovan! I was afraid I did that. Appreciate the fix!



Hi Donovan and Jennifer,

The 2 scout leaders are still not showing up on the roster. I tried to add them through this form:
Pack Roster>>Add Leader>>Submit, but I keep getting a message that says “Please select a leader from the list”.

How do I fix this?

Thanks so much for all your help!


Are they on your my.scouting roster? Not that it should matter, I think, as you could add them new to your recharter roster.

Hi Matt,

They will be on our recharter, but I haven’t submitted it yet. I thought we could add leaders who are not yet on the roster. I guess I’ll have to wait till the recharter goes through and they come on the roster. One of them is a new den leader, so I was hoping that we could get this done and get the cubs their loops.



New leaders require a new adult application.

@ShawnTay - add new and attach the file for the scanned application which is what I did last year

Yes, you should be able to do this. Do Stephen’s instructions help?

@ShawnTay -

@ShawnTay the 2 leaders are not Currently Registered Leaders so you cannot add them till applications go through

@ShawnTay I confirmed with the developers that add new is appropriate to register new adult leaders. You’ll just need their member number for YPT.

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it’s 136522552. thank you

@ChristopherKenny I would recommend contacting your local council for advice on the best way to add this adult for recharter, but she is not currently registered. She has expired registrations as a Lion and Tiger Adult Partner.

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Hi Donovan and Jennifer,

I got the leaders to register and they now show on the roster in, but when I do a search for adult leader I am still showing a no match message.

Here’s their Member IDs as shown on the pack roster


Can you help me get them on scoutbook as the first is our awards chair and the second is a den leader.




MID 14123944 is registered but the membership is not activated. If the registration was entered today it may not appear in Scoutbook until tomorrow.

MID 137410222 is on your roster in both and Scoutbook. You will need to create a new den leader position to assign the den. Click on the leader’s name, select Positions then click +Add.