Error: MemberId should be from the same council of the organizationGuid in the request

In many cases, the real issue is that the user has more than one BSA member ID number (MID) and has the wrong MID set as “primary” at my.scouting. When a user is already registered under a particular MID, it is usually best to keep them under that same MID (in the same council).

So while unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and Unit Training Chairs can add the training, it’s usually better to use Manage Member ID to set the correct MID as “primary”. Sometimes users cannot do this for themselves when the name or date of birth does not match. In these cases local councils should be able to fix using the Volunteer Support Tools (VST) as long as the MIDs are all in the same local council.

@CharlesMcDonald A couple suggestions:

Inside of Scoutbook, don’t “Create New Adult Accounts”. What this usually does is create a new BSA member number with a blank / missing date of birth (DOB). Instead, ask adults to create an account for themselves at my.scouting. When creating their my.scouting account, they should use their (adult’s) full name and (adult’s) date of birth. In some cases, they might already have a BSA member ID number (if they are listed on the youth’s BSA application, so they will want to try to connect to their already existing BSA member number (if they have one).

Parents / legal guardians should be automatically connected to their Scout(s) in Scoutbook. In some cases, parents / guardians might not have their user relationships set correctly, but local councils should be able to fix with their Registrar tools.

Try to always register with full legal name (not nicknames) and always register the same way.

For people who like to be known by a nickname, use the “preferred name” data field.