Error message when attempting to save a preferred name on

*1) Hardware: Desktop(tried it on an iPhone 12, got the same message)
*2) Operating system: Windows 10
*3) Browser: Microsoft edge
*4) Browser cache has been cleared: yes
*5) 128009183, Crossroads of America council

So I was attempting to set a preferred name on, and it allows me to type in the box. however, when I try to save it, it gives me this error message:
“You are not authorized to update dateOfBirth, ssn, ineligibleFlag, ineligibleDate or noSSNFlag.”

I am not trying to edit any of those things, yet it is giving me an error. I have this issue, regardless of what platform I am on. Am I doing something wrong or does this just not work? I have found the preferred name function on scout book to work just fine but this one is giving me fits.

I wonder if your account is missing one of those and it isn’t handing the error properly. Like it should say which one is missing and that is why it won’t let you edit it all together.

Unless someone has the real reason, if I were you, I’d contact your registrar and confirm that each one of those fields is properly filled out for your account. I bet one is empty or isn’t filled in right. Just a guess.

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still having the issue, Im not too sure what the bug is but I cant get it to work

@VioletPhillips I see a few things. I sent you a private message.