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Error code- Update not allowed. Youth is not a member of the organization in the request

Scout crossed over in March. I have not been able to add his merit badges from summer camp because I keep getting the error code. I have informed Council every other week when I there purchasing awards.I see they added to his membership the Optional Notes- “Data fix for membership being ended Jul 1 2020 9:13PM”
Still getting the error. I have checked full name, birthdate, and id numbers between the registrar and scoutbook. She sent me a link to try and sync between the 2 again. I unchecked the approved member. Updated. and then rechecked approved member. No luck. His parents are still leaders in the Pack he crossed over from so I dont know if this is tying him up some how.
Thank you,


I sent you a private message so we can collect some data to investigate your issue. See your avatar in the upper right corner of your screen.

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